It’s “Feisin’ Season”

There are Feisianna literally every weekend that we can travel to. Or so it seems.  Our first feis is always in February since it’s local to us. A double feis – competitions on both Saturday and Sunday –  Jaia competed both days and bombed them – But that was okay with me – it was her first ever feis as a PC (preliminary champ) and I/we knew that it was gonna pretty much suck.  We took it for the practice feis it was and were happy.  (she came in second/third from last)

Fast forward to April – a couple of weeks of dance classes under her belt, a few private lessons to solidify the steps for her –

This past weekend, she danced again in KC. Her third ever PC Feis –  She danced her two dances but came off stage bummed – she’d just not done her best and she knew it. (I knew it)  Her teacher saw it – saw her flub the whole second step of her soft shoe dance.

And yet –

Second place in the hard shoe portion! (and 5th overall out of 10 dancers) I was super happy and excited for her! Obviously she wasn’t expecting anything since she’s only in her socks up there and we didn’t put the “sash” on the back of her dress – I barely got the dress back on her as it is!

I’m trying to get it across to this child that this was with MESSING UP HER STEPS  – but what would happen – WHAT IF – she put it all out there like her private lesson teacher keeps telling her to – What if she really danced like no one was watching? Where would it take her?

We celebrated that small victory with Gellato and then burgers.

Her next Feis is in May  –

What will that bring?

What was your weekend ??

Bright Blessings –


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