May 24th

Mother’s day has come and gone. Memorial day is almost upon us. Jaia is in her film class – there is one yet to go – but all other classes have finished.  I can finally breath.

In for five. Out for five.

My goal this summer is to sew more ME made items.

and wear them.

or use them.

and blog about them.

First on the list is the Noodlehead backpack found in this Making Magazine-

I’ve chosen this awesome striped canvas and I’m currently waiting on the hardware to arrive in the mail so I can continue.

Unfortunately, the wonderful little fabric shop I work for is closing in a few weeks. Ive been buying and hoarding fabric left and right. I should have bought MORE of this fabric but I didn’t.  I am so sad and bummed.

Twice now Row and I have gone out to ROSL because her horse, Pharma was choking –

That was fun.

I’ve begun this fantastic little collection of milk pitchers –

IMG_2891 2

And I bought this wire shelve to house them.

Jaia and I are trying to figure out our homeschool plan for next year. Do more with the homeschool group? Do less? (she doesn’t really connect with the girls).  Find another group? (they are all religious – we are not). School mainly at home knowing that the following year (her junior year!) she can start taking classes at the community college. Find Volunteer work? (actually I like this choice)

So many choices, so many things to figure out.

Hope everyone is well and that your school years are coming to and end.

Bright Blessings

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