July 19th

I woke to a quite house this morning. The temperature had fallen to wonderful 69 degrees over night. I slept with the window open. It was glorious.

No one is up and moving yet. Early morning and late at night are my favorite times.

I’m enjoying these brief moments of solitude before I head down to the basement to continue the several sewing projects I have started before the weekend rolls around.

Tomorrow J and I are heading Up to Milwaukee for a Feis. The temps there are in the 70’s and here we’ve been hovering in the upper 90s. (heat index 100+++)  I cannot wait.

I have a laundry list of things to do before then and only so many hours to get it all done in.

Things to remember :

Life will not end if I don’t get all the laundry folded (no one else will do it – but life will not end)

As long as I have Jaia, a dress, wig, and dance shoes in the car this weekend , all will be fine. (Milwaukee has a mall right?)

Time for myself seems increasingly hard to find – but it’s a necessary so a step I MUST figure out how to add in.

Sewing practice is a must.

Bright Blessings



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