So this:

So some very exciting news from last weekend — We’d traveled all the way to Milwaukee from St. Louis for a Feis in and ice skating rink.  7 hours in the car. It’s a long haul.

I gave the same spiel – do you best…. do better personally than you did last feis….. maybe get somewhere top half so you’re qualified for our regional competition.

THIRD PLACE!!!! My baby got third place! Oh my – It was an  unexpected happy, thrilling, exciting day.

It’s always funny when they finish a dance onstage and they come off grumpy because they think it sucked.  And you’re like  – “looked good to me”  – and you argue back and forth a bit because your kiddo did better than they did last feis and you can tell and that’s ALL THAT YOU’VE BEEN ASKING FOR this entire dancing career. Not to place – but to do your best. Do better than you did last feis. Improve.

and then this happens.

(and I STILL love that dress)

And then Sunday we did it all over again.

IMG_3269 3

Illegal picture taken while waiting to dance. I made sure I didn’t get the other dancer.

Fifth place!!!

Yes they are bucked into the back seat.

Yes they are named Stan (the larger one) and Dan (the smaller).

Female names are next.

We are feising locally this weekend – keep your fingers crossed. I am hoping for “dancing your best” again.

Bright Blessing

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