August 7th

I’m sitting here in the dark of my living room this morning – listening to the distant sound of rumbling thunder. I love a good thunder storm. The lights are off and it’s growing ever so dark and gloomy outside.

(I was going to walk to the poling place this morning. Now I think I’ll wait a bit. Things have got to change and I’m making sure my vote is counted.)

My hubby is out of  town – which makes for a quiet, TV free morning – I haven’t even turned the radio on yet.  I can hear the sound of the rain as it hits the roofs of the other houses and the ever distant rumble of thunder.

Coffee is at hand. Dog is asleep. One Daughter is still abed, the other one is doing her own thing.

It’s my favorite kind of rain. My favorite kind of morning.

Today, my to do list is short. Sew, take my youngest (@15!) to the movies (Mamma Mia is calling), dinner and sew some more.  I have 3 t-shirt quilts calling my name and as many Harry Potter robes for AG dolls as I can make.  Today is the perfect day for movies and sewing. Maybe a cider with dinner. A good book in bed.  A lazy day – a day to relax.

Hoping your day is just as relaxing.

Bright Blessings






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