August 18th

Ahhh – the weekend – Some people live for the weekend – for me it’s essentially and extension of the week.  My work doesn’t change – I still cook, clean, tidy, chauffeur and sew.

Today I’m going to a Mom’s Demand Action meeting. It’s my first so I’m excited to hear how I can be involved!

Jaia is off at a state fair with a friend from our homeschool co-op! Having a Blast.  Eating too much junk food and complaining of an upset stomach.

Last weekend? we drove to Milwaukee – again – for our last this summer traveling feis – Saturday Jaia pulled a 7th place spot. Not too shabby but she was actually less than pleased and vowed to place higher the next day. (double feis weekend – the only way to travel for a competition!)

Sunday she did this – Second Place! Out of 22!

– IMG_3393

We had some fun with our dance friends too this past weekend –

Exploring the lighthouse and beach area in Milwaukee  –

Hotel Hallway – the Knickerbocker – it was awesome!

Trying on dresses in the used dress section at the feis – I really liked this dress – her teacher – not so much 😦

Fun on the way home – St. Anthony 😦  (look closely), ice-cream and swings at a rest stop.

It’s been a good summer for her – Exciting she’s placed so early in the summer  – and placing so well at this higher level.  Age and a new found dedication to home practice have helped this child achieve these goals.

We have one last feis this summer (oh but there are so many many more!) We’re stopping after this next double feis – They’re here at home, Saturday’s is put on by her teacher and dance school, and she’s already qualified for the large regional competion in November – may as well stop while we’re ahead and save some money to boot.

Hope all is well and your weekend is splendid!

Bright Blessings!



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