August 22

Today.  Today I’m sitting at a local cafe while Rowan is in class – there’s not enough time to run home and then back to pick her up –

This week I’ve been sewing with minky – the hell fabric. It was a request from a customer and I drew the short straw.  It was not fun –


I had help though 🙂 And the quilt turned out super cute in the end –

In my FREE time – I’ve been cutting and assembling almost 50! Harry Potter style robes for your favorite 18 inch doll.

I was accepted into our Science Center’s First Friday night as a vendor! I’m super excited – it’s my first ever vending attempt and I’m trying to get as much made to sell as possible –  So I am making 9 to – 10 Harry Potter style robes per house. I have 10 all black and 10 Gryffindor robes currently  and I have the Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin lining all cut out and ready to assemble – I’m working through the black to make the outer part of the robe – thanks to my employer for being willing to order bolts of fabric for me!

It’s a LOT of work but also a lot of fun! I’ve modified the robe pattern between that first bunch and this second bunch though  – so I hope its all good.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can finish all these robes without going NUTS and make a profit in the end!

Bright Blessing –



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