August 28th

It’s taken me a few days to recover from this amazing weekend.

We’d already decided that this would be our last Feis of the summer (there are more – so many, many more feissianna – all through the end of the year), since J had accomplished her goal for this year a few feisianna past. ( Qualifying for our regional competition (Oireachtas) was the one goal she’d made for herself this year. )

So she was there to have fun, do her best, and see what happened.


Saturday  – this happened – FIRST overall. I was amazed, shocked and thrilled. I’d watched her hard shoe dance and thought it had looked amazing. Soft shoe looked awesome too – but her hard shoe!

THIS particular first place is one of two she need(ed) to move up to OC – open championship – the highest level you can make it to in Irish Dance. This win was even better because it happened at our school feis.  The one our teacher, with the help of many hands from our school, plans, arranges and carries out.

Good – one down, one to go – can start on that second win next year right?

Wrong –  (it was a double feis weekend)


She did it AGAIN. Holy Moses!  I’m still in a bit of shock here.


ONE YEAR ago – she’d moved up from Prizewinner to PC and now this. OC. This is the fastest she’s ever moved up!

This is a whole new level, amazing dancers, perfect form. One that I thought she’d have more time to prepare for.  To Practice for. To be a little bit more comfortable as a dancer for.

I was just – literally – warming up to the possibility that OC could indeed happen for this girl.

I just didn’t think it would happen so soon.

Could WORLDS actually happen for this girl…???

Bright Blessings!


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