September 6

The past few weeks I’ve been prepping frantically for my first ever vendor gig. Our Science center does a First Friday Series the first Friday of every month . This Friday is the Harry Potter night – I’m sure I’ve written about it before.


I decided to try my hand at vending.

I’m excited, nervous, and a wee bit apprehensive about it.

What if I made too much? What if I’ve put in ALL this time and made ALL this stuff for it to just. not. sell.

What if I didn’t make ENOUGH?

50 Harry Potter robes for 18 inch dolls. Well I think honestly it will be closer to 45ish… 9 to 10 of each house color + 10 plain black ones.

IMG_3439 2

Plus Zipper pouches.

Plus a few doll size quits.

Plus an Ogden cami for me.

Plus a simple skirt for Jaia.

Plus. Plus. Plus…..

The square account is being set up. I’m having business cards made.  I probably need to create some sort of signage ….

Keep your fingers crossed!

Bright Blessings


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