Happy Monday

Yesterday was a perfect Sunday as far as I’m concerned. The weather was spot on – windy, somewhat overcast all the while still being warm-ish ( Love me some fall weather here!).  Dinner was amazing (slow roast pork butt, sweet potatoes in the IP and sautéed kale) AND I didn’t need to leave the house at all other than to pick up my daughter at work around 9:30.  AND to top it off Hubby and I had one of our few “empty house” moments yesterday afternoon. One girl was at work, the other out with a friend for the day. It was awesome. Quiet. Peaceful.

I did  a lot of sewing on one of the the quilts I need to finish this week.  – I got pretty far but not far along as I wanted…. That’s today’s work.

Since my favored fabric store (and job) closed over the summer – I’ve been piecing t-shirt quilts together at home to bring in some cash. (pays for Irish Dance) I love it – I get to sew most days, I get to sew from home which means I don’t feel like I’m neglecting actual Homeschool. BUT – then I often don’t want to OR have time to sew for myself. I’m trying to figure out that balance but it all depends on how the days fall. I do have a few things on my list and of course there is xmas sewing coming up. 

Since we’re back to Monday – I’m back to chauffeuring –  but soon, oh so soon, classes end for the semester and yay! less driving for me! (it’s a good thing too, car is overdue for an oil change so somewhere I need to find an extra 2 hours I can sit and wait….) 

Bright Blessings and Happy Monday!

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