Me date!

Last night I took myself on a date.  All “alone” with no parter – friend wise or husband wise or child wise.

I had a fabulous time and I will do this again in a heartbeat!

Jason Mraz was in town.  Downtown in  St. Louis at the Stifel Theater (formerly the Peabody – we like to change names here in the Lou)

After dropping hint after hint after hint, (and no one catching on) I bought myself a ticket months ago and have been counting down ever since. 

I had an absolutely wonderful time – Dressed in nice jeans with a new favorite top, WORE MAKE-UP!  Then treated myself to a beverage, had a decent seat, with an empty one beside me –  so bonus!, heard amazing acoustic Jason Mraz. 

Then I treated myself to his newest LP. 

And I didn’t even have to drive or find parking cause my hubby was nice enough to act like chauffeur to ME for a change.

I need to remember that things like this are good for my soul  – that even if no-one else wants to OR can go – that I shouldn’t deny myself that small joy.

Bright Blessings 

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