December 28th

We are three days past christmas and I think things are finally getting back to normal. The tree is still up but plates, bowls and mugs are slowly being piled up on the kitchen table so they are all there when I start to pack things away this weekend.

We had an unexpected free xmas morning with my husband’s family all staying home due to illness – so our morning was super relaxed. I think the girls were (and still are) happy with what they got. Some things need to be returned and exchanged but others were perfect.

I always stay up late christmas eve, to do the wrapping. Ever since the girls were little, I’d stay up late and wrap so they’d come out to a full christmas tree in the morning. When they grew up – I thought this could end – but they still insist on waking to a full tree on christmas morning. I’m more than happy to oblige. This year I had a helper (really she wanted my cookie).

I haven’t really even left the house these past few days. I’ve been binge watching my silly Asian shows (love them!) and the girls have just been hanging around. Jaia will be antsy soon but for now I’m enjoying the time home.

Bright Blessings

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