Month: January 2019

january 10

The house was wonderfully quite this morning when I awoke – early for a change – and alarm free – Unusual – since I didn’t even fall asleep until after 1:00 this morning. (or maybe, actually, it was my daughter’s alarm in the next room that I heard that woke me ?) I absolutely love […]


January 7

We’re a week into January now – which means all things school and homeschool classes are starting up once again. This week starts homeschooling classes and I believe next week starts college classes. ALSO dance class is starting right this very second – which makes my beenie weenie super happy. That also means however – […]


January 4th

And just like that 2018 was over. Is it me or do these years seem to be literally flying by? New Year’s eve found these 2 old fuddy duddy parents home alone for a change. Hubby played his computer game – I watched tv. Because after a dinner of finger foods and wine (for the […]