January 4th

And just like that 2018 was over. Is it me or do these years seem to be literally flying by? New Year’s eve found these 2 old fuddy duddy parents home alone for a change. Hubby played his computer game – I watched tv. Because after a dinner of finger foods and wine (for the over 21’s not the younger:) – both girls went out for a change – a weird feeling, to be sure. But both had fun at their respective New Years gatherings – rollerskating and a “drag” show.

After picking the youngest up – I wrapped birthday presents for my Husband (yes he IS a January 1st baby) Our first Milestone birthday of this year! 50! (16 and 21 in April!)

We spent his day enjoying the calm, taking a walk in one of our awesome parks, dinner out and homemade cherry pie.

I always go into the new year with HUGE plans for myself/us. Growth, blogging , personal care, sewing, sewing, and more sewing, eating healthier and a wider variety of foods, getting a control on our finances etc… (you know – adult things)

and I think I’m off to an okay start! Ive been to Yoga 2 out of these first 4 days of 2019 and I really hope I can keep up the trend (after school starts we’ll see) – Keeping in line with my “diet” – (not really a diet – just cutting out bread and such to keep this hypothyroidism of mine under control. ) has been proving difficult though, since we started out the new year with sandwiches for dinner – lol! (and chips!)

Let’s see where this year takes us shall we??

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