January 7

We’re a week into January now – which means all things school and homeschool classes are starting up once again. This week starts homeschooling classes and I believe next week starts college classes.

ALSO dance class is starting right this very second – which makes my beenie weenie super happy.

That also means however – that I’m back to chauffeuring and killing 2 hours 3 nights a week while someone wiggles her bootay around the dance studio. (blogging time anyone?)

I DO have to remind myself that someday this will all pass and I will be an empty nester with nothing to fill my time. (Not really – I have plans) but it will be super odd without the children around.

Today we went book buying – and just FYI – college books are EXPENSIVE – even for community college – Between R and I – we spent about $400 and one book wasn’t even there.

BUT I got to have lunch with my biggest and that makes ME super happy.

This past Sunday – I got (most of) the family up and moving and we tried going to a Unitarian church. I’ve not been in a church other than weddings and funerals since I was old enough to drive and skip out on mass as a teenager.

But this one –

I loved it.

Everyone is welcome – no matter what color you wear.

No matter who you love.

No matter how you worship.

I may or may not have cried – I’ll never tell. I’m hoping for community, for friendship, for a place to grow, for a place for my youngest to find a niche.

For the first time in forever – I can’t wait until Sunday.

Bright Blessings

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