April 8th –

I am so so far behind. I kid you not – the first of every month shows up and I make a promise to visit here, start over, BLOG more, sew more for me, grow, change, be more, make more time for me etc.

And every month I fail.


I feel cornered. Stifled. Ready to be all the things but so totally not sure how. Trying to figure out how to DO THINGS for ME with out neglecting anyone else –

Maybe it’s Spring, maybe it’s because I hit 43 this year, maybe it’s because my kids are almost “done” – maybe, maybe, maybe…

This is room for growth – yes?

BUT – So much has been going here in my corner of the world – Children have had birthdays – 21 and 16! Two huge milestones-

A new job has been gotten – by moi – I haven’t started officially yet – but soon – I am super excited at all the prospects!

A quick trip to Vancouver/Seattle with hubby – (awesome cities!)

We’ll be back in Vancouver in July for Irish Dance.

Some sewing has been done but no pictures have been taken, but so much procrastination …. Baby steps yes?

baby steps

Bright Blessings

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