I'm a stay at home mom - All around doer of all the things. Homeschooling, Chauffeuring, Cleaning and Cooking. Part time assembler of T-shirt quilts and trying to reclaim my mind, life and home as the children grow and spread their own wings.

And chaos reigns

So Saturday after wandering around St. Charles for 5 hours or so, I realized a few things (about myself ) that are fairly new developments – 1 – I hate nicknacks – Really I always have but shopping Saturday reinforced it. 2 – Every shop sells the exact same thing in 100’s of different forms. […]


First week of home school

Even among the pain, hurt, confusion, and uncertainty – school must go on. We started the week with a lighter load than one that will follow in the weeks to come. Out of the house classes start Tuesday -the girls will be gone all day and I will actually have a day free all to […]



Last week on the way home from our barn, my daughter and I stopped in a little shoppe called “something different” – I think- . It’s a cute little shop on the main drag of a small town in illinois. She sells/consigns handmade items and makes her own jewelry to sell.  She and I talked […]


A new binder

I told you that Jaia is super excited about school starting (homeschool) and that she loves all things school supplies – well – yesterday we hit the thrift store for a few things. I’m looking for zippers and bags of vintage fabric. I found nothing, but I scored one of those zippered binders for J. […]


Not mentally ready yet

My youngest daughter keeps coming up to me asking if we can start school work.  ( I know right?)  The problem is not that she’s asking for work – but that she’s asking at 8:00 in the morning, when I’m here in blog mode, in mom quiet time mode , when I still need to […]