I'm a stay at home mom - All around doer of all the things. Homeschooling, Chauffeuring, Cleaning and Cooking. Part time assembler of T-shirt quilts and trying to reclaim my mind, life and home as the children grow and spread their own wings.

Not mentally ready yet

My youngest daughter keeps coming up to me asking if we can start school work.  ( I know right?)  The problem is not that she’s asking for work – but that she’s asking at 8:00 in the morning, when I’m here in blog mode, in mom quiet time mode , when I still need to […]


A new Beginning

I’ve decided to start blogging over.  I began blogging several years ago with “Covered in Roses” and while I loved the name  it really wasn’t growing at all as a blog. And I would like it to. I tried to fashion my blog after so many of the women/mom bloggers I look up to – […]