this moment

So many things

It’s December – that’s when all good homeowners start large projects right? Oh, I’m not deconstructing anything or tearing down walls but when December rolls around I always seem to start things. There was bed assembling – She previously had her bed on an adorable metal frame, then pallets and now this cool bed from […]


One laid back week

This has been one awesome, relaxing, laid back week. I need one of these every so often to recharge my batteries. Not a whole lot has been going on so not a whole lot to blog about 🙂 Monday we stayed home! Yay! A full day of school and laziness.  Wednesday –  Rowan’s 2 side […]


Finally a lull

Finally I think things are slowing down for us! I think I just need to scrap September next year since we were so busy this past month! Call it a wash for anything productive and skip to October – Thursday Rowan had Ride on St. Louis I sat and enjoyed the view for a couple […]