Baby steps!

No – no babies for us – but things seem to be going up rather than down this week – My husband and I had our first couples counseling this past Monday – I think in the long run it will be very good for us. I left with more confidence in making our relationship […]


A new binder

I told you that Jaia is super excited about school starting (homeschool) and that she loves all things school supplies – well – yesterday we hit the thrift store for a few things. I’m looking for zippers and bags of vintage fabric. I found nothing, but I scored one of those zippered binders for J. […]


Not mentally ready yet

My youngest daughter keeps coming up to me asking if we can start school work.  ( I know right?)  The problem is not that she’s asking for work – but that she’s asking at 8:00 in the morning, when I’m here in blog mode, in mom quiet time mode , when I still need to […]